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Creativity break: Why is creativity important in algebra?

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(upbeat music) - It's all about solving problems. It's not about, like maybe in previous years you've done multiplication table memorization. It's not like memorizing how to solve problems. It's learning the tools of how to solve problems and then using them and building them up in creative ways. So it really does remind me of art because if you are doing a painting or something, you have specific tools about maybe paint brushes or different techniques you can use to create something bigger. So I feel like algebra is really all about combining things that you already know how to do into something bigger. - So the word algebra comes from the Arabic word algebra that literally translates to reunion of broken parts. This is breaking apart of mathematical representations and putting it back together in the form of balanced equations is the essence of algebra. And the beautiful thing is that this balancing and solving of equations can be done in many different ways which is where creativity comes in.