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Creativity break: What do you do to get into your creative zone?

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(soft music) (marker scratches) (keyboard taps) - Whenever I wanna come up with a solution to a problem and I don't have it, my immediate reaction is to go outside and go on a walk. I love walking in all kinds of weather. I feel like with the peace and calm, moving away from the problem and stepping away from it, sometimes I get way better ideas and it inspires me. But, I also think there's something to be said about not being inspired. Like, not always as amazing. I feel like sometimes I get struck with inspiration for how I want to explain a Khan Academy video or how I wanna approach a piece of art or how I want to approach a math problem, but sometimes it doesn't come. And so I feel like what the best solution is when you are trying to get into that creative zone and you can't, is just do it and try to do something anyway. Like write something or write your equations, try to figure it out. And if you make mistakes, that's okay, because it's something to jump off of and sometimes seeing what you already know down on paper can help you come up with better ideas and can help you be more creative. - Forcing yourself to just conjure a solution, simply does not work. Instead, take a break from the task. Pick something else up, like a physical sport or even video games. And then come back to the original problem. That can do wonders. (soft music)