Thinking about solutions to systems

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You know how to solve systems of equations (for the most part). This tutorial will take things a bit deeper by exploring cases when you might have no solutions or an infinite number of them.

Inconsistent systems of equations

VIDEO 9:25 minutes
Systems of equations without a solution

Infinite solutions to systems

VIDEO 7:08 minutes
Consistent, but dependent systems of equations

Consistent and inconsistent systems

VIDEO 5:29 minutes
Consistent and Inconsistent Systems

Independent and dependent systems

VIDEO 5:10 minutes
Independent and Dependent Systems

Practice thinking about number of solutions to systems

VIDEO 6:36 minutes
Going through a few examples on the Khan Academy practice exercise:

Systems with one, zero, or infinite solutions

Determine how many solutions exist to a given system of equations (one, zero, infinite).

Graphically understanding solution methods to systems of equations

Use graphs to understand that substitution and elimination always produce equations consistent with the solution of the original system.