Simplifying complicated equations

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You feel good about your rapidly developing equation-solving ability. Now you're ready to fully flex your brain. In this tutorial, we'll explore equations that don't look so simple at first, but that, with a bit of skill, we can turn into equations that don't cause any stress! Have fun!

Ex 2: Multi-step equation

VIDEO 3:24 minutes
Turning a non-linear equation into a linear one.

Solving equations with the distributive property

VIDEO 6:04 minutes
Solving Equations with the Distributive Property

A clever application of the distributive property to solve a multi-step equation

VIDEO 4:50 minutes
Sal solves the equation (3/4)x + 2 = (3/8)x - 4 using the distributive property

Ex 2: Distributive property to simplify

VIDEO 5:46 minutes
Multi-step equations 2

Ex 1: Distributive property to simplify

VIDEO 15:01 minutes
Multi-Step Equations

Ex 3: Distributive property to simplify

VIDEO 9:28 minutes
Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Multi-step equations with distribution

Solve linear equations like -(5x+1)=9x-5