Thinking algebraically about inequalities

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In this tutorial you'll discover that much of the logic you've used to solve equations can also be applied to think about inequalities!

Multiplying and dividing with inequalities

VIDEO 10:27 minutes
Our discussion of linear inequalities begins with multiplying and dividing by negative numbers. Listen closely for the word "swap." Super important!

Multiplying and dividing with inequalities example

VIDEO 2:54 minutes
In addition to solving the inequality, we'll graph the solution. Remember to swap if you mutiply both sides of the inequality by a negative number.

Constructing and solving a one-step inequality

VIDEO 2:09 minutes
Inequalities are more than abstract concepts and exercises. They help solve real life problems. Here's an example.

One-step inequalities

Practice solving inequalities in one step.

One-step inequality involving addition

VIDEO 1:54 minutes
One-Step Inequalities

Inequalities using addition and subtraction

VIDEO 7:48 minutes
Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction

Solving a two-step inequality

VIDEO 4:32 minutes
We're turning up the heat a little and asking you to help us solve a multi-step inequality problem.

Two-step inequalities

Solve 2-step inequalities like 3x + 2 > 5.

Multi-step inequalities

VIDEO 8:02 minutes
Compound Inequalities.

Multi-step inequalities 2

VIDEO 3:47 minutes
Multi-Step Inequalities 2

Multi-step inequalities 3

VIDEO 5:38 minutes
Multi-Step Inequalities

Multi-step linear inequalities

Solve linear inequalities in multiple steps.

Constructing and solving a two-step inequality

VIDEO 6:39 minutes
We'll talk you through this fun and challenging inequality problem.

Constructing and solving a multi-step inequality example

VIDEO 6:40 minutes
Learn how to solve an inequality word problem about cell phone texting plans.

Constructing, solving two-step inequality example

VIDEO 2:01 minutes
Let's tackle this word problem together. We'll interpret the information and then construct a linear inequality to solve it.

Interpreting and solving linear inequalities

Practice constructing, interpreting, and solving linear inequalities that model real-world situations.