Getting a feel for equations and inequalities

4 videos
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The core underlying concepts in algebra are variables, expressions, equations and inequalities. You will see them throughout your math life (and even life after school). This tutorial won't give you all the tools that you'll later learn to analyze and interpret these ideas, but it'll get you started thinking about them.

What are variables, expressions, and equations?

VIDEO 6:55 minutes
Learn what variables, expressions, and equations really are.

Dependent and independent variables exercise: the basics

VIDEO 2:10 minutes
Here we have a problem that asks us to identify which variables are dependent and independent. Hint: independent variables are not influenced and remain unchanged by the other variable.

Dependent and independent variables exercise: graphing the equation

VIDEO 1:00 minutes
It's helpful to express an equation on a graph where we plot at least 2 points. Watch and we'll show you.

Dependent and independent variables exercise: express the graph as an equation

VIDEO 2:00 minutes
We're flipping the last video on its head and doing the opposite. This time we give you the graph and ask you to express it as an equation.