Fractional exponents

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If you're familiar with taking square roots and cube roots (and other roots), then you're ready to see that we can also express these as exponents in ways that are consistent with the exponent properties you know and love!

Fractional exponents

Fractional and integer bases raised to positive and negative fractional exponents.

Fractional exponent expressions 1

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Fractional Exponent Expressions 1

Fractional exponent expressions 2

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Fractional Exponent Expressions 2

Fractional exponent expressions 3

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Fractional Exponent Expressions 3

Rational exponents and exponent laws

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Rational Exponents and Exponent Laws

More rational exponents and exponent laws

VIDEO 3:25 minutes
More Rational Exponents and Exponent Laws

Fractional exponents 2

Fractional bases raised to fractional exponents with non-1 numerators.