Exponent properties examples with variables

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In this tutorial, you will learn about how to manipulate expressions with exponents in them. We'll give lots of example to make sure you see a lot of scenarios. For optimal learning (and fun), pause the video before Sal does an example.

Negative and positive exponents

VIDEO 2:19 minutes
Negative and Positive Exponents

Evaluating exponential expressions 3

VIDEO 4:26 minutes
Evaluating exponential expressions 3

Exponent properties 1

VIDEO 2:36 minutes
When multiplying numbers with common base, add exponents

Exponent properties 2

VIDEO 5:12 minutes
Exponent Properties 2

Exponent properties 3

VIDEO 2:35 minutes
Exponent Properties 3

Exponent properties 4

VIDEO 3:07 minutes
Exponent Properties 4

Simplifying rational expressions with exponent properties

Simplify the ratio of two monomials.

Exponent properties 5

VIDEO 2:50 minutes
Exponent Properties 5

Exponent properties 6

VIDEO 4:19 minutes
Exponent Properties 6

Exponent properties 7

VIDEO 4:51 minutes
Exponent Properties 7

More rational exponents and exponent laws

VIDEO 3:25 minutes
More Rational Exponents and Exponent Laws

Simplifying expressions with exponents

VIDEO 2:10 minutes
Simplifying Expressions with Exponents

Simplifying expressions with exponents 2

VIDEO 3:35 minutes
Simplifying Expressions with Exponents 2

Simplifying expressions with exponents 3

VIDEO 2:31 minutes
Simplifying Expressions with Exponents 3

Simplifying expressions with exponents

Simplify expressions using exponent rules