Graph interpretation word problems

Match features of graphs of modeling functions to their real-world meaning.


The efficiency of a motor can be measured by the percentage of the input power that the motor actually puts to use.
Let E, left parenthesis, c, right parenthesis denote the efficiency E of a given motor (measured in percentage points) as a function of the power input's current c (measured in amperes). The function is graphed below.
The following table contains true statements. Match each statement with the feature on the graph that most closely corresponds to it.
  • x-intercept
  • Relative maximum or minimum
  • Increasing or decreasing interval
  • As the input power's current grows beyond 1 ampere, the motor becomes less efficient.
  • At its most efficient, the motor uses about 50, percent of the input power.
  • The motor loses all efficiency when the current hits 3 amperes.