Graphing functions

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You've already graphed functions when you graphed lines and curves in other topics so this really isn't anything new. Now we'll do a few more examples in this tutorial, but we'll use the function notation to make things a bit more explicit.

Ex 1: Evaluating a function

VIDEO 5:08 minutes
Evaluating Functions

Ex 2: Graphing a basic function

VIDEO 5:36 minutes
Graphing a Basic Function

Graphing a parabola with a table of values

VIDEO 7:04 minutes
Graphing a parabola with a table of values

Ex 4: Graphing radical functions

VIDEO 10:17 minutes
Graphing Radical Functions

Graphing exponential functions

VIDEO 5:32 minutes
Graphing Exponential Functions

Views of a function

Representing functions in multiple ways