Given the description of a real-world relationship, find the sinusoidal function that models it.
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A pendulum is swinging next to a wall.
The distance D, left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis (in c, m) between the bob of the pendulum and the wall as a function of time t (in seconds) can be modeled by a sinusoidal expression of the form a, dot, sine, left parenthesis, b, dot, t, right parenthesis, plus, d.
At t, equals, 0, when the pendulum is exactly in the middle of its swing, the bob is 5, space, c, m away from the wall. The bob reaches the closest point to the wall, which is 3, space, c, m from the wall, 1 second later.
Find D, left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis.
should be in radians.
D, left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis, equals