Intro to absolute value

CCSS Math: 6.NS.C.7, 6.NS.C.7c
Learn how to think about absolute value as distance from zero, and practice finding absolute values.
The absolute value of a number is its distance from 00.
For example, the absolute value of 44 is 4\blueD4:
This seems kind of obvious. Of course the distance from 00 to 44 is 4\blueD4. Where absolute value gets interesting is with negative numbers.
For example, the absolute value of 4-4 is also 4\blueD4:

Let's practice!

Problem 1A
What is the absolute value of 33?

The absolute value symbol

The symbol for absolute value is a bar | on each side of the number.
For example, instead of writing
"the absolute value of 6-6"
we can just write

Let's practice!

Problem 2A
What is 7|7|?