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- [Voiceover] Use the "Rotate" tool to find the image of pentagon CDEFG, that's this irregular pentagon over here, when rotated 270 degrees about the point negative two comma three. The direction of rotation by a positive angle is counter-clockwise. So it's counter-clockwise. All right. Rotate tool, to rotate around negative two comma three. So let's click on "Rotate," and then we want to go to the point, they said rotate around the point negative two comma three. So I move this, to x equals negative two, y equals three. That's what we want to rotate around, and we want to rotate 270 degrees. So this is maybe the part that takes the most visualization. If we rotate 90 degrees, that would be going from, if we think about this arrow, actually, let me just do it. So, if I move this arrow up here, I have rotated 90 degrees, positive 90 degrees, we're moving counter-clockwise. Now if I move it over here, we have rotated 180 degrees, and now I move it down here. I have now rotated it 270 degrees. If they said 360, we would get back to where we started. So this is 270 degrees, just like that. And, we're done. Let's check our answer, if we got it right.