The most fundamental branch of math is having a clear idea on number sense and numeration. It consists of understanding place values, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers. We're willing to bet that doing these operations on whole numbers is a piece of cake, but now we'll mix those numbers up with decimals and fraction and exciting concepts like ratios and percentages. So sharpen that pencil and relax in your chair, we're going for a ride!
46 exercises available

Here we will explore understanding decimals conceptually, using operations with decimals, rounding and estimating with decimals, and converting decimals. And why not go into the fun concepts of manipulating decimals through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! It really is a breeze once you are done with these videos!

After these videos, understanding the concept of prime numbers and the ones for which you can finding factors and multiples, will be no brainers!

A common application of numbers in real life (what is REAL life anyway, huh?) is through ratios, rates, and percentages. Whether following a recipe, changing the oil in a car, or determining the percentage earned on a test...these are skills you will use over and over. Ratios are simply another way to express fractions. Rates combine units of measurements to help us understand their relationship better. Percentages, like ratios, give us another way to express fractions and decimals. We'll explain each to you and then practice until you've mastered each concept.

Integers can be positive or negative whole numbers. Did you notice any use of negative integers in our day-to-day life? You are right! Canadian winter temperatures, of course! Let's get a visual understanding of positive and negative integers

We'll hear really good explanations and practice rewriting expressions so that we can extend our understanding of the properties of numbers and of PEDMAS!