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Mapping shapes


Quadrilaterals LMNO and ABCD are congruent. The side length of each square on the grid is 1 unit.
The first quadrant of a coordinate plane. The x- and y-axes both scale by one. Quadrilateral A B C D has point A at five, ten, point B at five, twelve, Point C at six, thirteen, and Point D at nine, thirteen. Quadrilateral L M N O has point L at fourteen, five, point M at twelve, five, point N at eleven, six, and point O at eleven, nine.
Which of the following sequences of transformations maps LMNO onto ABCD?
Sequence ASequence B
A translation 6 units to the left and 1 unit up, then a reflection over the horizontal line through point A.A 90° rotation about point O, then a translation 6 units to the left and 1 unit up.
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