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we're asked to shade 20% of the square below and before doing that let's just even think about what percent means so let me just rewrite it 20% is equal to 20 I'm just writing it out as a word 20% which literally means 20% let me break it out which is the same thing as 20 per cent and if you are familiar with the word century you might already know that this cent comes from the latin for the word hundred so this literally means this literally means you can take cent and that literally means a hundred so this is the same thing as 20 per hundred twenty per hundred twenty percent means you're really going to weed if we want to shade 20 percent that means we want to shade if you break up the square into 100 pieces we want to shade 20 of them 20 per hundred so how many squares have they drawn here so there's let's see if we go horizontally right here we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten squares if we go vertically we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so this is a 10 by 10 square so it has 100 squares here so if we want to shade this or another way to say it is that this larger square though I guess that's the square that they're talking about this larger square is broken up into 100 smaller squares so it's already broken up into the 100 so if we want to shade 20 percent of that we need to shade 20 of every hundred squares that it is broken into so then this will just literally shade in 20 squares so let me let me just do one so if I just do one square just like that I have just shaded one per hundred of the squares 100 out of 100 would be the whole I've shaved one of them this would be that one square by itself would be one percent of the entire square if I were to shade another one if I were shade that and that then those two combined that's 2 percent of the entire square it's literally 2 per hundred we're a hundred would be the entire square so if we wanted to do 20 we do one two three four actually if we shave this if we should not shave if we shade this entire row that will be ten percent right one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and then we want to do 20 so that'll be one more row so I can shade in this whole other row right here and then I would have shaded in 20 of 100 squares or another way of thinking about if you take this larger square divide it into 100 equal pieces I've shaded in 100 or I've shaded in 20 per hundred or 20 percent of the entire square hopefully that the entire larger square hopefully that makes sense