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we're asked to compare 156 point three seven eight to 156 point three four eight so I assume that they are trying to they're asking us which of these is greater and so let's rewrite these numbers 156 point three seven eight and we want to compare that to one hundred and fifty six point three four eight and it might already be obvious to you which of these is greater but I'll work through it step by step just in case it's not so let's first go to the hundreds place and you could view this as to some degree the most significant place because this is where you have the largest you know the one in the hundreds place represents a lot more than a one in the tens place or one in the six is place a one in a hundreds place represents 100 it's this many hundreds but we have the same number of hundreds in both situations we have one hundred and we have one hundred let's go to the tens place we have five tens here which is fifty and we have 50 right over here so so far so they're there they're equal so far if you just look at the hundreds in the tens place let's go to the ones place we have a 6 here in the ones place six ones which is really just six and you also have six ones so so far they're equal again let's go to the tenths place three tenths three tenths let's go to the hundredths place so we're going into smaller and smaller places so then you have the seven hundredths we have seven hundred now we have four hundredths here so this has less hundredths than this does over here and if we go to the thousands place these are equal but it doesn't matter even if these were unequal it doesn't matter even if this part was this one was larger than this one because in the more significant place this number was larger than this number so seven is greater than four we have seven seven hundredths here we have four hundredths here so we get this number is greater than this number down here or 156 point three seven eight is greater than 150 six point three four eight and in particular it's because of the hundredths place