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Who can see information about my child?

Who can see my child’s profile and progress information?

We strive to provide you and your child with access to and control over the information you share with us, and we take the protection of your information very seriously. We also recognize that students and their parents may want to share their progress information with others involved in their education, such as teachers and tutors. We call these learning supporters “teachers.” For specifics of who can see profile and progress information, see below:


For a user age 13 or older
  • The top part of the profile is visible to any Khan Academy user. This section shows the student’s name (as he/she wishes it to appear on the site), unique username, biography (optional), and location (optional). Students can edit this section at any time by following the instructions here.
  • The bottom part of the profile contains “widgets” showing the student’s programs, discussion posts, and accomplishments. For each widget, the student can decide whether to make the information available just to the student and his/her teachers, or to other Khan Academy users
For a restricted user (under age 13)
  • The profile is visible only to the student, the student’s parent, and the student’s other teachers.
  • The profile does not include a biography or location.
  • The profile includes the student’s unique username, which is how the student’s name will appear in progress reports. As a parent, you can edit this unique username at any time by following the instructions here. We recommend not using your child’s actual name.

Progress information

For a user age 13 or older
  • Visible to the student and the student’s teachers
  • If you, as a parent, created your child’s account, you will automatically be listed as a teacher for your child.
  • If your child created their own account, they can add you (or others) as a teacher, or you can send them a request to be their teacher.
  • Your child can remove teachers (including parents) at any time.
For a restricted user (under age 13)
  • Visible to the student, the student’s parent, and the student’s other teachers.
  • A Restricted User can add teachers who can view their progress information only if their parent has allowed them to do so in the account settings.
  • To allow your child to share progress information with a teacher, as a parent you can turn “can add teachers” on.
  • To keep this progress information private, or to prevent your child from adding a teacher, you have the option to turn “can add teachers” off.
  • As a parent, you can see a list of your child’s teachers at any time. Simply go to your child’s profile and click the “Teachers” tab.

How can I control what information I share with Khan Academy?

Like most websites, Khan Academy uses cookies, which allow us to keep track of learning progress (e.g. if you have mastered a skill like fractions, when you come back to the site next time, we won't ask you to learn that again!). You can modify the cookie settings in your browser to limit the information you share with Khan Academy. However, if you remove first-party cookies, you won’t be able to log in to our site.
You can also change the settings on your computer or mobile device to prevent it from providing us with location information.

Does Khan Academy share information about my child’s progress with others outside Khan Academy?

As the parent, you can choose to share information about your child as you deem appropriate. Khan Academy, however, won’t share information about your child’s progress with anyone other than the student, you, and your student’s teachers without your express permission. For example, there are times when Khan Academy might partner with an organization that wants to run a contest to reward classes and students who have completed a certain math course or computer programming challenge. If you opt in, we’ll share the minimum necessary pieces of information about your child - that you approve - to allow them to participate in the contest more easily.
Khan Academy will always ask for your explicit permission before disclosing any information about yourself or your child with a partner organization.

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