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What else can I do to protect my child’s privacy?

Here are a few more ways to protect your child's privacy:
  • When you create an account for your child, you’ll be asked to provide a unique username. To protect your child’s privacy, don’t use their real name.
  • Teach your child why they shouldn’t share their real name or other identifying information when they’re online.
    • A great place to start is this article on Internet safety from Common Sense Media.
  • Remind your child not to share personal information (such as name, address, phone number, photo, password, or email address) when…
    • Answering exercises
    • Creating computer programs
    • Participating in discussion forums (available only to students age 13 and up)
    • Editing their Khan Academy profile (available only to students age 13 and up)
  • Read our full privacy policy for more information.
  • Have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! You can email us at privacy@khanacademy.org.

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