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Privacy considerations

Your privacy and your child’s privacy is of utmost importance. No one has access to your data or your child’s data unless explicitly given permission. Our site is free to use, and completely free of ads and spam so that each learner can focus on learning.

There are 3 places that are affected by privacy settings:

1) Profile

A student's username, avatar, background, and bio are visible to the public. This can be edited from the Learner home by selecting the student's username.
Any other public profile information can be added, edited, or deleted at www.khanacademy.org/settings. For child accounts (users under 13 years of age), these options are suppressed.

2) Community forums

For child accounts (for users under 13 years of age), posting in discussion forums is not an option.
For accounts users over 13 years old and Google Apps for Education accounts, any postings in forums are public to all users. You can view all user postings by visiting their profile and clicking “Discussions” in the left hand column.

3) Learning data

Progress of your child’s learning is only available to their coaches. For child accounts, parents can select whether to allow for coaches other than the parent account.
For all accounts, the learner must accept a coach request in order for a coach to have access to their data. All the data a learner sees is available to their coach.
For more on our Privacy Policy visit:
  • Our tutorial which explains our student privacy policy.
  • Our official privacy policy for all users of Khan Academy.

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