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so in South Africa for every 100 learners that into grade 1 only 48 will make it to high school and of the 48 you actually make it to high school only 22 will write maths as subject symmetry and of the 22 that drive man's only 10 of them will pass and of the 10 who pass only 4 of them will pass with the great that's above 50% so at the moment for every 100 students who enter the cell phone system for finishing the trade yeah well mastery of can Academy I can tell it is from zero to hero at first primary it is not that I don't know much about mathematics I felt like mathematics is boiling and all sort of stuff like negative stuff and when I came to Ken Academy I thought six mathematics it's interesting you know and I enjoyed it a lot and also like my marks improved this amazing cuz I don't know like kellicotti rule helped me so much in now I really liked mathematics in the year I have so many stories of watching kids progress throughout the year I have the privilege of getting to sit back here and watch the sort of numbers roll in the kids as they do their maths and practice their exercises and rise of taste to get to watch them progress over time we've got one child and one of my programs to start over to and you keep on Academy exercises he's taught himself grade 11 max we've got other kids who started out maybe code to code 3 and you know first term and now they're getting code five and six and series and they're so proud of themselves and they want to share that with us and I couldn't be happier to have a charity I mean to be a part of it I think with pneumatic that they provided extra classes with equal to the learners in the option to learn before further so the interview when you get to the exams they must be kinda standing then the the disabilities need to tell decisions so you are this variability solution after a subtle them with a program here I can see there is a quite a big change you know with a little thing from the previous create that we normally have the gamification that Khan Academy brings to maths I think that's that's really powerful I didn't miss people make it interesting and to learn I'm Lisa and we la max I'm - Pete and I'm Daniel and rebirth teach at net urban high school today coach means to be energetic be innovative and that incorporate different things into max listen max typically asked me to bring it across smooth because at university they're more like about the theory side so this is more like in the field practical type of thing I always it like to be able fun and she learns can relax and enjoy it himself and not only field admitting it digitally five in memory of the earth has to be working with kids not only from best clothes but from all the new medication that we do our math camp math camp is crazy it is so awesome attending the best part to me of mass Hamel is getting with different kids together make a lot of people they love the games to local of a man I want to be a teacher and how about you improvements in most occupations you do need math so how could you I want to be I want to be a doctor I want to be a forensic analyst I want to become a [ __ ] and I need West salman khan academy's Maggie firstly want to become a mechanical engineer then I want to become an entrepreneur electrolyte teaching mathematics in a university then I want I also want to become a technologist my favorite puppet in that is groups like I love algebra because it's like we need to solve for everything the heiping algebra pomades where things will I used to love the geometric art but now I love ever to where I love all the things that love meds you