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Next steps (FAQs, Testimonials etc)

Next steps (FAQs, Testimonials etc)

Next Steps (FAQs, Testimonials etc)

Hello teachers!👋🏼
We are happy to have you interested. We have added answers to frequently asked questions regarding this course.
Thank you for showing your interest in our Khan for Educators course and for using Khan Academy's content with your students. We assure that this course will be a great start for you to create more impact in your classroom.


To help you in using our platform with ease, we have added answers to frequently asked questions regarding this course and Khan Academy teacher tools. Let us know if you want anything else to be answered by asking your questions in the Q&A section below this article.
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In the past few years, we’ve worked closely with some of the best teachers among India’s most recognized schools. Doing so, we learnt a lot about how Indian teachers like to use our teaching tools to personalise the learning experience for all of their students.
Now, through the “Khan for Educators” course, we want to share all the best practices used by these outstanding teachers, with every teacher in India. Hear from our teachers on how they used Khan Academy for their classrooms.
Khan Academy wishes you the very best in your journey ahead!!
You can learn anything!

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