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Resources (FAQs, Testimonials etc)

Resources (FAQs, Testimonials etc)

Resources (FAQs, Testimonials etc)

Hello Mentors!
Thank you for your efforts in completing Khan For Educators - Mentors Course. Your efforts reflect your passion towards improving the quality of education and reducing the learning gaps in your school/block/district/region.
Your role is now that of a teacher mentor. You have to help the teachers, enable them in creating a transformative learning environment in the classrooms. Student appreciation is a key component in increasing their participation. Therefore, to make things easy for you to appreciate the students and keep them hooked on their journey you could click on the following link to find shareable and printable certificates. Student certificates
Further, to support you and the teachers in using our platform with ease, we have added answers to some frequently asked questions on Course mastery. Please click on the given link to get answers to your queries: FAQ related to mastery learning
While this course has come to an end, the learning journey must continue. Khan Academy offers some more learning opportunities for you. From the teacher dashboard click on the Resources tab. Here you will find additional materials that may help you use Khan Academy with your students.
Check out the Help center. You can find a series of articles including some commonly asked questions and guides for students, teachers and parents. From the help center you can also report a technical problem and receive assistance from our support team.
For more on remote teaching and learning check out Khan Academy’s Keep everyone learning site for resources for students, teachers, and families-available in English and Hindi.
In the next article you will find the process of claiming your course certificate. If you have any difficulties accessing the form please contact indialearns@khanacademy.org.


In the past few years, we’ve worked closely with some of the best teachers among India’s most recognized schools. Doing so, we learnt a lot about how Indian teachers like to use our teaching tools to personalise the learning experience for all of their students.
Now, through the “Khan for Educators” course, we want to share all the best practices used by these outstanding teachers, with every teacher in India. Hear from our teachers on how they used Khan Academy for their classrooms.
Heartiest congratulations to you on completing Khan for Educators- Mentors course. We at Khan Academy are excited as you move ahead and start implementing Khan Academy in your school/block/district/region. We are waiting to hear your incredible stories and hope to learn more from your experiences.
Continue to enjoy your learning journey!

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