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Student tips for using Mastery Goals on Khan Academy

Watch this video for tips on how to make the most of your learning time on Khan Academy. Created by Shannon Sallis.

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    How many times do you have to ace the Course challenge in order to get a 100% for the course? I took the Algebra 2 Course challenge twice, got a 97% both times, yet my score for Algebra 2 overall is only 77%.
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      This can vary depending on the course, but for the high school level courses, you will likely have to complete the Course Challenge several times to reach 100% mastery of the course, especially if you have a lot of skills at the "Not Started" level.

      This is because the Course Challenge only covers 30 skills, but most courses have more than that. In the case of the Algebra 2 course, there are 113 skills, so you would have to do the Course Challenge a minimum of 4 times to reach 100% mastery.
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