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- Hi, I'm Meaghan from Khan Academy, and in this video, we'll walk through the reports related to assignments on Khan Academy. After you've created assignments on Khan Academy, and your students have completed those assignments, you can track progress using a variety of reports designed to help teachers gain a deeper understanding of student's strengths and areas for opportunity. Start by selecting the class from the teacher dashboard. And then selecting scores under the assignments tab in the left-side navigation. This will bring you to the assignment scores report. In this report, you will see progress across assignments for all students in the class. If the assignment is a video or article, and students have completed the assignment, you will see a green check mark. To earn completion for a video, the student most have watched at least 90% of the video at no faster than double speed. To earn completion for an article, the student must have clicked into the article. If the assignment is an exercise, quiz, or test, the student's best score will be shown in a color-coded box. Boxes appear as red for scores 0-59, yellow for scores 60-99, or green for a score of 100. If the student has not completed the assignment, the box will remain gray. To access a more detailed report for an individual assignment, from the assignment scores report, select the assignment name for any assignment that contains questions. This includes exercises, quizzes, and tests. This screen shows you an example of an assignments responses report for an exercise that contained seven questions. On the left side, you can select the first or last attempt students made to answer the question. You are also able to select each question to see students' responses. If you've chosen to provide different questions for each student, the questions appear in the order students found them most challenging. The questions students incorrectly most frequently appears at the top, while the questions students answered correctly most frequently appears at the bottom. If you've chosen to provide the same question for all students, the questions appear in the order in which they were presented to students. On the right side, you can select a specific student, or the whole class, to view the assignment responses report. Select the responses tab on the right to see a summary of student responses. Correct responses can be highlighted by selecting the reveal answer button. You can view which students gave which answers by selecting an individual response to display student names. Many teachers recommend keeping students' names private when sharing this report with the entire class. You can select the draw tab to reveal a scratchpad space that you can use to solve the problem live with students. Many teachers recommend using a projector for the class to follow along. Some teachers also suggest having a student solve the problem step by step for the class, instead of the teacher, as a way to encourage student voice and build student confidence. In the hints tab, you can view the step-by-step process to solve the problem. These are the same steps provided to students in real time when they select the "get a hint" option in an exercise. You can also access the assignment responses report by selecting the manage tab from the class dashboard, and then selecting view report for the individual assignment. The assignment scores report, and the assignment responses report, are helpful in monitoring assignment progress for an entire class. If you'd like to look more closely at the assignment progress for a single student, use the individual student assignment report. From the class dashboard, select activity overview from the left-side navigation. Then select the individual student whose assignment progress you want to view by selecting the student's name from the class list. This brings you to the individual student report. Select the assignments tab to view all assignments given to that student. This report displays the due date and time, assignment name, assignment status, attempts made on the assignment, and the student's best score if the assignment is an exercise, quiz, or test. There is also a red indicator that appears next to the assignment status if the assignment is late, meaning the student completed the assignment after the due date. The individual student assignment report can also be reached from the assignment scores report. From the assignment scores report, select the student's name from the student list in the assignment scores report. This will bring you to the student's individual student assignment report. We hope this video helps you better understand the assignment reports on Khan Academy, and how to best use these reports to support student success.