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National LearnStorm Challenge

Program information for teachers about the National LearnStorm Challenge

2023 LearnStorm Spring Challenge is over!

Thank you and your students for your participation! Here is our top teachers and their classes nationwide, based on the number of levels they have gained during the 30-day Challenge period. More classes will be added below as we are receiving permissions from teachers:
  • Mrs Harris’ 6th grade math block 2 (660 levels); block 1 (630); block 3 (522) - Camden Intermediate School, Camden, North Carolina
  • Mr. Vierheller's 7th Grade 1st Period Class (599 levels) - North Pontotoc Middle School, Pontotoc, Mississippi
  • Mr. B's Homeroom Math - (532 levels)
  • Ms. W. York's 6th grade class (514 levels), Lynwood, CA
  • Mrs. Wilson-Books 1st Block ALMS (329 levels)
  • Luisa Dolesh's AP Statistics (324 levels) - CMIT South HS, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Ms. Roberts Math 6 Accelerated Period 8-9 (305 levels); Period 1-2 (229); Period 5-6 (217) - Forrestdale School in Rumson, NJ.
  • Ms. Stranz's Algebra Class (280 levels) - Byram, NJ
  • Ms. Knerr’s Second Grade Class (235 levels) - Walt Disney Magnet School, Chicago, IL
  • Mr. Conor Corey's Math Class (229 levels) - Log College Middle School, Warminster, PA
  • Mrs. Manning’s Class (226 levels) - Franklin School in Newark, NJ
  • Ms. Jenna Rezac's 7th/8th Grade Math (223 levels), Explorer Middle School, Paradise Valley Unified School District, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ms. Erin Gasior, 6th Grade Math Period 3 (194 levels) - Fireside Elementary in Phoenix, Arizona
*The list here includes only classes that have at least 10 students.

How do I use the LearnStorm feature in my teacher account?

Please follow this LearnStorm tracker guide!

What are the raffle prizes?

If at least one of your classes levels up 5 new rings or more on the LearnStorm tracker between March 6 and April 4, you will be automatically entered into our raffles when the Challenge ends.
5 new rings or more - Class Kit including glue sticks, Scotch tapes and Post-it tabs.
10 new rings or more - LearnStorm Kit including pencils, Post-it tabs, sticker sheets, Scotch tapes, and colored tapes
30 new rings or more - LearnStorm Kit & $50 gift card for Khan Academy Merch!
Note: Each tier is a raffle with 100 winners. The higher levels you get, the more chances you and your students can win! Once you reach the above levels, you are automatically entered for the raffle. We will contact the winning teachers for shipping addresses shortly after April 4.

What's the relationship between the Spring Challenge and the regular LearnStorm tracker?

The tracker is available year-round for any class to use, but during the National Challenges (usually in Spring and Fall), you can earn free prizes and extra motivation from Khan Academy. See our Guide to LearnStorm for more details on how to use the tracker.

What happens after the Challenge ends on April 4?

  • Stick to your routine and keep leveling up on the tracker! See how high your class can get before the last day of school!
  • You can choose to clear all rings and start a new challenge for your class from the beginning. Clearing all rings does not affect your students' mastery progress.


Q: Do I need to enroll to participate in the Challenge?
A: No. Just start using the tracker with your students, or keep using it if you've already started before the Challenge.
Q: Do I need to clear my rings if I've started before the Challenge?
A: No. Just keep growing the tracker. We are counting NEW rings.
Q: Does "level up 5 new rings" mean completing level 5 on the tracker?
A: It depends. If you started using the LearnStorm tracker for your class before March 6, then it means 5 additional rings from the level you have before March 6. But if you have never used LearnStorm before, then yes, it means completing 5 levels during the 30 day period.
Q: What if I add/drop students midway through the challenge?
A: Your class progress for completed levels in LearnStorm will be saved. For example, say your class completed the 1st level (ring) with 10 students but then added 2 students. Your level 2 assignment target would go up based on those 2 students, but you would NOT lose your level 1 class progress. Classes will never lose levels in LearnStorm.

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