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National LearnStorm Challenge

Program information for teachers about the National LearnStorm Challenge

National Fall LearnStorm Challenge: Qualify for prizes from August 18th through November 30th 2022

Take your LearnStorm tracker routine to the next level by signing up for the Khan Academy FREE National Fall LearnStorm Challenge by clicking "Enroll" on your Teacher Dashboard banner.
Earn prizes and get expert tips on motivating your students to close skill gaps while competing against classes in your building and across the country!

How to Enroll

  • Log in to your teacher account — make a free account if you need one!
  • Click the blue "Enroll" button at the top of your dashboard
Colorful banner featuring a blue button that reads "Enroll" and an arrow pointing to the button.

What's the relationship between the National Challenge and the regular LearnStorm tracker?

The tracker is now automatically available year-round for any class on Khan Academy to use, but in the Fall and Spring, you can sign up to earn free prizes and extra motivation from Khan Academy. See our Guide to LearnStorm for more details on the tracker.

What are this year's prizes?

Throughout- Share a video of your class celebrating their LearnStorm progress by tagging @khanacademy with #learnstorm or replying to a challenge email for a chance to win one of 50 Ember Mugs ($200 value)
At sign up - growth mindset class pack and leaderboard downloads
Level 5 - 5 soccer balls will be donated on behalf of your class to students in need through our friends at UNICEF
Level 10 - 1,000 pencils for a whole school will be donated on behalf of your class to students in need through our friends at UNICEF
Level 15 - 5 backpacks will be donated on behalf of your class to students in need through our friends at UNICEF
Level 20 - Notebooks for 50 students will be donated on behalf of your class to students in need through our friends at UNICEF
Level 25 - Backpacks, notebooks, and pens for 50 students will be donated on behalf of your class to students in need through our friends at UNICEF
Level 50 - Teachers qualify for an exclusive LearnStorm shirt
Grand prize- $500 to spend as you please at the Khan Academy Merch Shop!

What happens after the Challenge ends?

  • Stick to your routine for working on Khan Academy and keep checking for progress at a cadence that works for you.
  • You can choose to clear all rings and start a new challenge for your class (just be sure to wait until AFTER 11/30 to do this so you don't miss out on any final prizes) and start again from the beginning. Maybe you want to challenge another class to a competition?
  • We’ll run another National Challenge in the Spring! Look out for the opportunity to sign up in March.


To learn more about the LearnStorm tracker, see our Guide to LearnStorm
Q: Does it matter when I sign up? My school year doesn't start for another few weeks.
A: You can use LearnStorm any time, all year round, and get prizes during the challenge seasons no matter when you sign up.
Q: I don't live in the US. Can I still enroll?
A: Yup, LearnStorm is available globally though some US prizes will only be available to US teachers and students.
Q: Can I sign my class up for the National Challenge if I'm not teaching grades 3-12?
A: Yes, everyone can participate, but the program is most appropriate for 3-12th grade classrooms
Q: I homeschool. Can I sign up?
A: For sure!
Q: I'm a school/district administrator. How can I encourage everyone to participate?
A: Nothing better than a friendly competition between class periods, grade levels, or schools within a district!
Q: How do classes move from one level to the next?
A: A full ring is completed once the equivalent of 1 Mastery level up per number of students in the class is achieved. For example, a class of 26 students will complete a full ring each time the class reaches 26 Mastery levels up. Note: only Mastery level ups past the Familiar level count on the tracker. If needed, here is a reminder about how Khan Academy's Mastery levels work.
Q: Is there a limit to # of levels reached? I noticed prizes only go up to 50.
A: There is no requirement to achieve a certain number of levels in LearnStorm, and there is no limit to how many rings your students can achieve! Classrooms can move at their own pace toward their goal. Classes will never lose levels in LearnStorm, unless the teacher decides to clear all rings, though we highly recommend you wait until AFTER the National Challenge has ended to start or stop a new LearnStorm challenge so that you don’t miss out on the chance to earn the most prizes that you can!
Q: How do I know if we've earned enough progress to reach a new level?
A: At the moment, there's no direct way to know if you're earning progress before you've checked the tracker.
Q: What if my students do less or more than is required for a new level to be unlocked?
A: Whether your students have leveled up more or less than required for a new level, the tracker loads based on the actual number of level ups completed since the last time you checked the tracker. If fewer, then the ring fills up partially and stops. No celebratory animation will appear. If more, then the ring fills up for a new level followed by celebratory animation, and the next ring continues to fill up either partially or fully depending on the number of level ups completed.
Q: Can I replay the ring movement and celebratory animation?
A: Nope, at the time there is no way to replay so be sure to wait until all eyes are watching!
Q: How do I show the progress tracker to my students?
A: You should project the computer screen to the large monitor in front of your class, and load the progress tracker with your students watching every few days/once a week.
Q: How is LearnStorm different from Khan Academy?
A: It's not! LearnStorm simply visualizes the progress your students are already making when working on anything you've assigned that's mastery-enabled on Khan Academy. During the National Challenge, you have the option to share prize information with your students and claim class and teacher prizes from the Khan team as well, and share in the joy that is an entire world of students working towards learning goals together!
Q: What will my students work on?
A: Any mastery-enabled content you assign!
Q: How much time per week does participating in LearnStorm require?
A: We recommend you set aside 15-30 minutes a week in order to drive at least 1-2 level ups per student and see progress made if you check weekly. A recent study found that students who spend 30+ minutes on Khan Academy make greater-than-expected learning gains.
Q: What if I add/drop students midway through the challenge?
A: Your class progress for completed levels in LearnStorm will be saved. For example, say you earned the level 1 prize with 10 students but then added 2 students. Your level 2 assignment target would go up based on those 2 students, but you would NOT lose your level 1 class progress. Classes will never lose levels in LearnStorm.
Q: I get that growth mindset is a big part of Khan Academy. How does it fit into LearnStorm this year?
A: While we strongly recommend teaching growth mindset in tandem with running LearnStorm challenges for your class, the growth mindset materials are not mastery enabled and therefore will not count towards the tracker this year.
Q: How does deleting an assignment from my coach dashboard impact my class progress on LearnStorm?
A: Any work completed before you deleted the assignment will be recorded and will count toward your class progress. However, any work completed AFTER you delete the assignment will no longer count.
Q: What happens if students work on material that I haven't assigned? Will it count in LearnStorm?
A: No, only assigned content work that is mastery-enabled will count towards LearnStorm progress. This ensures students are working at their learning edge and on material that is relevant for your class.
Q: YouTube is blocked for my district. What should I do?
A: Khan Academy’s backup video player will be used automatically to play videos on the website if your district blocks YouTube.

Want to join the conversation?

  • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user lorcutt
    What is this Khan Academy merch store? I would love to be able to shop for goodies even if my class doesn't win. Is there a link that can be shared?
    (4 votes)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user
  • purple pi teal style avatar for user Mrs. Mulder
    How is the grand prize chosen? Are there more than one grand prize given out?
    (4 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user athain
    Do I have to make a course mastery goal for a class in order for students to have their mastery skills been seen on the rings? Or do I just add the grade levels to each class and their work will show up? This is for my math remediation classes, who are doing independent work on Khan Mappers. The goal is to raise their grade level placement of RIT scores from their MAP test, which often 3 to 5 grade levels below their current grade level, towards grade level.

    Will their work on these exercises and assessments be acknowledged in Learnstorm? I usually go into Khan Academy and look at their grade level progress from the earlier grades to help me monitor their growth.
    (2 votes)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user
    • stelly blue style avatar for user Evan Lewis
      Skill level progress made towards their MAP Accelerator placement should automatically count towards their LearnStorm progress, as long as you have set a placement level for them in Khan Academy.

      If they are working on content outside of Khan Academy's MAP Accelerator program courses, you will need to create a Course Mastery Goal for their progress to count towards LearnStorm.
      (1 vote)
  • blobby green style avatar for user Chloe  Isbell
    What do I need to do for my class to be sent their prize after completing levels on LearnStorm?
    (1 vote)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user
    • stelly blue style avatar for user Evan Lewis
      Hi Chloe!

      All of the prizes involve donating school supplies on your behalf to students in need via UNICEF. This will be done automatically by Khan Academy after the LearnStorm event ends.

      You should receive an email every Monday that explains which prizes your class has earned and what you need to do to reach the next prize level.

      If you reach Level 50 or earn the Grand Prize, we will reach out to you with more information and the next steps.

      Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!
      (2 votes)
  • blobby green style avatar for user rmlituma
    How do I change the class name
    (1 vote)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user
    • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user B D
      From your Teacher Dashboard, click on the course.

      Then on the menu on the far left side, click on Settings. (It is at the end of the list.)

      One of the first options allows you to type and save a new name.
      (2 votes)
  • scuttlebug blue style avatar for user The Travelling Twit
    How do the donations work?

    Will each one be given at each level passed or is it at which level you finish at?

    EX: If I am at level 16, will I donate all the below levels or should I try to get to exactually 20?
    (1 vote)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user clondono
    HI, My classes are past level 15. Do we get an email that states certain items were donated to other classes on our behalf? I think seeing this will make my students happy.
    (1 vote)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user
    • stelly blue style avatar for user Evan Lewis
      The prizes won't be donated until the end of the LearnStorm challenge, but you should receive an email update each Monday throughout the challenge that specifies which prizes your class has earned, as well as what they need to do to reach the next prize.
      (1 vote)
  • blobby green style avatar for user laura vancleave
    we never received our prizes who do I contact about them?
    (1 vote)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Manika Pandey
    Is it available for India as well?
    (1 vote)
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  • leaf orange style avatar for user john.epperson
    I created my classes and linked them to my google classroom and created and assigned one class a lesson, but it does not show up on the google classroom stream.
    (1 vote)
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