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Celebrate class progress with the LearnStorm Tracker (Beta)

Take motivation and engagement off your to-do list with Khan Academy’s new and improved LearnStorm tracker. The tracker is available year-round and captures a broad range of student activity.

Celebrate class progress with the LearnStorm tracker (Beta)

LearnStorm is our classroom engagement tool that drives skill mastery AND gets kids dancing — and it’s FREE for teachers and students! The LearnStorm tracker provides a fun visualization of the classes’ progress, showing students how their individual efforts contribute to class goals, without singling out any individual who is struggling.

How does the LearnStorm tracker work?

  • The LearnStorm tracker tracks progress for all mastery-enabled courses where students level up skill mastery in Assignments or Course Mastery Goals.
  • The ring level goes up each time the class achieves the number of mastery level ups to Familiar or higher as there are students in the class. For example, a class of 26 students will level up a ring each time they reach 26 mastery level ups to Familiar or higher, cumulatively as a class.

Accessing the LearnStorm tracker

From the Teacher dashboard, click on any of the classes on the left menu. Once on the class page, click on the LearnStorm tab on the left menu.
Note: If needed, learn how to create a class and add students to your class.

3 steps to getting started

Step 1: Create Assignments or assign Course Mastery Goals aligned to your curriculum. Determine what Khan Academy content would best support students as they build knowledge and mastery of each standard.
Step 2: Find a routine time (15-30 minutes will yield 1-2 mastery level ups per student) for students to work on assigned skills weekly. Here is an example of how to use LearnStorm for warm up, and here's an example of how to use LearnStorm for independent practice.
Step 3: Claim progress on your LearnStorm tracker. The more each student practices and levels up, the more progress is reflected in the tracker - unlocking new levels and moments of celebration.

Key things to know about the LearnStorm Tracker

  • There is no limit to how many ring levels classes can earn on the tracker - the more students level up on skills the more ring levels they unlock!
  • All work that’s assigned will count towards the tracker. If you’re finding this is leading your students to accumulate progress too quickly, here’s a hack: refreshing the browser while progress is growing skips to the final ring achieved.
  • The ring movement and celebratory animation cannot be replayed so please be prepared to check it in front of students either in person or by sharing your screen remotely.
  • This product is in Beta which means we’re releasing it early to classrooms to get their feedback!
Questions? Reach out to our support team.

Top implementation tips from teachers:

  • Ring Reveal day is always special! As the teacher, you can project the computer screen to a large monitor in front of your class, and load the progress tracker with your students watching. This format is the one that makes it possible to watch students joyfully jumping up and down!
  • Set short term goals for mastery levels up (end of class, period or week), and long term goals (can you reach level 15? 30? 100?). Be flexible, and adjust goals as needed to keep students feeling confident.
  • If you’re looking for more ways to offload the “make class fun” part of the job, consider following the lead of Ms. Cox in Phoenix- who clicks “Claim Progress” with her class watching along weekly- and incentivizes her students with rewards like 10 minutes of free time at level 10, a piece of candy at level 15, and a class party at level 20!
  • Other incentives teachers have successfully tested include spirit days, visits to a mystery box of prizes, and a favorite foods party

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