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Our Content is part of Khan for Educators, a free course for teachers to learn more about Khan Academy, the content and tools available for teachers and students, and best practices for implementing technology with students. Created by Meaghan Pattani.

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- Hi, I'm Meaghan from Khan Academy, and I'm here to share more about the content available on Khan Academy. When we talk about content on Khan Academy, what we really mean is all the videos, articles and practice questions that learners interact with. We think about all of those as split into two categories. The videos and articles are instructional content, and the practice questions are practice content. Taken together, our goal is to provide learners with the ability to learn about anything they might encounter in a K through 12 classroom and then practice what they've learned. A key part of that practice is that they'll get instant feedback about how they're doing. Along with work solutions to help them get back on track if they're not quite clear on a particular concept. In this video we'll explain the content we offer for teachers and students and what makes it special. We know many people are familiar with Khan Academy's great math content. But people are often unaware that the Khan Academy has more than math. People might be surprised to learn that we've recently launched a beta version of our new English Language Arts content. Our goal is to eventually cover all core academic subjects K through 14. We aren't there yet, but if you haven't explored beyond math, there are dozens of other courses in the sciences, finance and economics and arts and humanities. We also have test prep content including free official SAT practice, created in partnership with College Board, and official Praxis Core prep, developed in collaboration with ETS. We absolutely have not forgotten about math though. We recently published a series of Get ready for grade level math courses for 3rd grade to pre-calculus, to best prepare students for on-grade level courses. If you are looking to learn something new, you can view all of our courses by clicking the dropdown menu in the top left of the Khan Academy website. You can also find content to support learning a new skill by using our search function to search by skill name or by Common Core State Standard. Khan Academy's content is organized into courses. Most of our courses are divided into units and within every unit are multiple lessons. Lessons include instructional and practice resources, such as videos, articles and exercises. In many courses quizzes combine practice from several preceding lessons. Units end with a test that checks understanding of the entire unit. Khan Academy has a lot of content created by a team of former teachers and subject matter experts. Our team ensures that all of this content is high quality by partnering with leading educational organizations and external experts to make sure our content is up to date and genuinely aligned to standards. For math, in collaboration with external reviewers, we also tag all content with regards to rigor to be sure we are appropriately balancing conceptual, procedural and application content. As teachers we know you have many options when it comes to using tools in your classroom. So you might be asking yourself, "What makes Khan Academy's content unique?" Well, Khan Academy's content is interactive. We have questions that ask students to read and interpret maps, images, audio and text passages. We have interactive charts and graphs to teach students to read and interpret data with a variety of different question types. Consider exploring our content to sample the variety of practice questions we offer. Our content gives instant feedback. After answering any question, students will learn is they are corrects or incorrect. Students who are stuck on a problem will be provided with support, such as related videos and articles, hints for solution strategies and rationales that explain why a particular answer is correct or incorrect. We've heard some teachers ask if Khan Academy's content is student friendly. Our content is definitely students friendly and encourages a growth mindset by letting students know that they can learn anything. We want students to feel like they're receiving personalized support. We model thinking processes that we hope students will use as they ask questions and solve problems. We hope this video provides a look into the content available on Khan Academy. But we know the best way to learn more is to experience it. Choose a topic that inspires you and explore it firsthand.