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Welcome to KFE

Welcome to KFE

Welcome to Khan for Educators

Hello Teachers!

Welcome to Khan for Educators initial course for teachers on Khan Academy.
You are about to begin an exciting learning journey, but first, let's look together at the path that lies ahead.
Khan for Educators is composed of eight lessons which explores everything from getting started on Khan Academy to classroom implementation and diving deep into Khan Academy’s teacher reports.
The course begins with the lesson Getting to know Khan Academy which shares a little about Khan Academy’s commitment to high-quality education and the learning experience Khan Academy hopes to provide to all learners.
Then the lesson Setting up your teacher account covers the main teacher functions, setting up classes, adding students to your class, and maintaining student rosters.
The third lesson Assign content to your students is on Assignments, this lesson details how to create and manage student assignments and how to read Khan Academy’s assignment reports. Here we talk about different ways that teachers can assign content and we also cover what you should assign with your regular curriculum. Remember, you can use this to assign content for classwork or homework.
The fourth lesson Introduction to mastery learning dives deeper into Khan Academy’s mastery learning system. This lesson includes a closer look at Khan Academy’s skill and progress reports and includes teacher recommendations on using skill and progress data with students.
Lesson five Distance teaching and Learning with Khan Academy, we do a deep dive on the distance learning or at-home learning implementation. We explore implementation recommendations and tips for teaching students beyond the walls of your classroom. These resources are designed to support teachers and students in at-home online learning using Khan Academy and other educational tools.
The sixth lesson is a Student experience walkthrough. Here we give you an overview of the student dashboard and how they can access their assignments to get started.
In the next lesson on implementation we discuss the logistics of using Khan Academy with students including our recommended implementation model, classroom best practices, and student motivation. There are a lot of tips for you in this lesson, you should revisit this lesson when you start using it in your classroom. This lesson is extremely useful for you and will be relevant for any setting - classwork assignments, blended learning, or homework assignments.
The course concludes with a Next steps & FAQ section that explores the different opportunities for further education so you can continue to learn and innovate in your classes.
Khan for Educators is designed so teachers, coaches, and administrators can experience Khan Academy as students. So, in order to complete the course, you need to engage with exercises, master skills, and perform well on the final assessment.
There is a certificate for those who reach the end of this journey. Please remember that the certificates are only given once you attain mastery for this unit. Do fill in the form at the end of the course to give your feedback and suggestions. It will help us improve this course and add more content based on your suggestions.
Your professional learning is in your hands. Start Khan for Educator's initial course right now and find out how Khan Academy can expand the possibilities in your classroom.
Thank you for sharing your professional learning time with Khan Academy!
Do you have questions about the course? Access the help center for additional support.

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