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hi welcome to a card for educators course I'm Venus from Khan Academy India and I'm going to walk you through what really makes a content special so let's first see how you can see all our subjects there are two ways you can see a Content on the platform one way to get a full overview of our courses you can click on the courses tab on the top left corner of Khan Academy website we have full courses for learning and practice format arranged by classes from 1 to 12 this path will give you a bird's-eye view of a full content the second way which will be more practical use for you as a teacher is to view the subjects and content from your teacher dashboard this view will become useful after you've learned how to create your class in this pathway as a teacher you can click into any of your Khan Academy classes on your dashboard and the assigned tab will list the scope and sequence for the subject and classes you have selected most of our class content is divided into units just like the chapters in your textbook in every unit you can find multiple lessons just like different topics in a chapter lessons include instructional meaning video explanations on the topic or review articles and practice resources in the form of exercises in many chapters you'll find quizzes combined practice from several preceding topics units end with a test called as unit test that checks the understanding of the entire unit all our math chapters and exercises are mapped to NCERT sections topics and descriptions you can search for a section or topic and find a line content accountant upgradation is an ongoing process and we keep adding new topics every day so do check back often to see the new content first of all all our content is made by a team of former teachers and subject matter experts we make sure our content is up-to-date and fully aligned to standards second we have a wide variety of exercises and there are multiple formats for our questions multiple choice open answer interactive graphs third a Condon gives instant feedback students who are stuck on a problem are provided with support such as related videos and articles hints that explain why a particular answer is correct or incorrect lastly our content is accessible student friendly and encourages a growth mindset by letting students know they can learn anything you