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Start your session with these 5 minute icebreakers

Start your session with these 5 minute icebreakers

What is Khan Academy’s Refresh?

All of you, as teachers, know that the most difficult task in any period is to get the class started and hold the student's attention and get them engaged for a class. Khan Academy has now come up with a simple tool for you to open the class in a fun way and get the kids excited about the learning ahead.

Refresh is a collection of 5-minute classroom activities that provides a breath of fresh air, and helps students arrive on time, ready to go (online or face to face).

Use these prompts as a warm-up before Khan class starts. You can use these prompts in any setting online or face to face. For teachers who are conducting online classes right now, Refresh will be a great tool to get students to attend. Make sure you start your online class with these activities. If your schools have opened up and you are meeting your students in the class, you can start the class with these activities or close the class on a high note. You can also start your day with students by doing a quick Refresh activity to energize them.
Refresh prompts provide you with an opportunity to strengthen relationships, by having students select the daily prompt with you, lead the discussion or activity, and share their responses with each other.
We have 3 categories of Refresh prompts Head, Heart, and Hand to address the social-emotional needs of the students.
Stimulate young minds and get them ready for more learning
Address aspects of social-emotional-learning and mindfulness
Energize students with hands-on activities
Each prompt experience is an opportunity for kids to have fun, reflect, and be creative. Teachers help students prepare to learn by giving a prompt to the students that get their brains warmed up, hands active or hearts open.
How to use these activities in the classroom?
If you are in a classroom set up, you can project the Refresh page and read the prompts to them or if you are in an online setup, you can share your screen so all the students can see the prompts while you read it out to them.
If you’re looking for an easy way to recognize their achievements, use these student certificates—they’re shareable both digitally and in print!
Give the certificates for the funniest/ most creative/ best effort etc. Capture the fun moments with your class in a video or pics. Don’t forget to share it with us. We would love to showcase your stories and fun moments on our social media.

Where can you find the icebreakers?

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    1.Did anybody watch the NBA Finals last night and what were your thoughts about it. If you didn't watch it take 10 mins to watch a you-tube of last night game Bucks vs Suns 2021 NBA finals recap. Giving me a small writing summary about the game from what you watch. 1 paragraph.
    2. What are the benefits for the City,players
    and Organization when the team wins a championship or is Winning Period?
    E.L.A Classwork: Students answer Question 1&2

    Math- - :Intro to Exponents
    Social Studies- -
    ***Last 15 minutes is for student question ,reflection,and to make sure everyone is aware of their Class&Homework responsibilities.
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    obama is the best
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