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Ready to use Math content plan

Ready to use Math lesson plans in English, Hinglish & Hindi
Khan Academy provides ready-to-use Math content plan as part of our Guided Learning Program.
Link to ready to use Math content plan:
Link to ready to use Math content plan (in Hindi):
You can pick the grades from the tab at the top.
Every class is divided into two pages- exercises and videos.
  • Exercise page contains Khan Academy exercise and unit test links. You can use the unit test for internal assessments or formative assessments and exercises for practice. The exercises are also mapped to NCERT exercise nos. This would help you find the relevant Khan Academy exercises easily.
  • Video page contains Khan Academy video links for Maths videos in English & Hinglish. For the same video name, you can see adjacent links- one for English version and the other for Hinglish version.
You can use this sheet to assign content for practice, learning, and assessments.
How to assign content from this sheet?
Step 1: Click on any content link. The links will take you to the relevant content on Khan Academy.
Step 2: You can see the Assign option on the top-right of the content you want to assign. Please make sure that you have logged in to your accounts and have added students to your classes on Khan Academy.
Step 3: Assign the content to the entire class/ selected students and check real-time performance data from your teacher's dashboard. "
Here is a small video on how to assign content from the ready-to-use Math content plan.

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