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Using Khan Academy's activity overview report

As a teacher, you'll find immense value in using Khan Academy's Activity Overview Reports. These reports offer you detailed insights into your student's learning progress. You can see your students' time dedicated to their activities, indicating their engagement and commitment.
You'll also see their skills leveling up, providing a snapshot of their progress and achievements. Most importantly, the data on skills to proficiency highlights areas where your students fully grasp content and are ready to move on. This information can guide you in tailoring your instruction and offering targeted support, helping your students reach their learning goals.
These reports empower you to monitor student progress effectively and make data-driven decisions to enhance your teaching strategies.

Activity overview activity

  1. Log into your Khan Academy account and navigate to your teacher dashboard
  2. Select the class you wish to view
  3. On the left navigation menu, click on Activity Overview the select the Activity tab
  4. You can monitor individual student course, unit, and skill data by clicking on the dropdown.
  • How are your students performing within the course or unit?
  • Are they leveling up at least two skills each week?
  • Are they getting at least one skill per week to proficient or higher?
Students should spend at least 30 minutes per week actively learning on Khan Academy. Select ‘Last 7 days’ from the dropdown menu and then use the Total learning minutes column to quickly check the number of minutes students have spent learning on Khan Academy in the past week. This can be a great way to recognize students who met or exceed their time goal or to offer a reminder for students to increase meaningful time on Khan Academy.
Students should aim to level up in at least two skills per week, with at least one of those skills each week reaching proficient or greater. Select Last 7 days from the dropdown menu and then use the Skills leveled up column to quickly check the number of skills students have made positive progress on in the past week. This can be a great way to recognize students who met or exceeded their goals or to intervene for students who need additional support to make skill progress.

Activity overview skills

  1. Click on Activity Overview then the Skills tab
  2. You can sort by course, all or specific units, mastery levels, or only show assigned skills.
  3. Click on one of the units to expand and view the skills in the unit
  4. By selecting an individual skill, you will see students are listed in skill groups by attempted, familiar, proficient, mastered or not started
Other options
  • Click on View exercise to see an example of the content students have practiced on
  • Click on a blue hyperlinked student name to view individual student progress reports
  • You can click on “Assign this skill” and choose individual students or groups of students with start and due dates to bring all students to mastery

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