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- Hi, I'm Brian from Khan Academy. In this video, we'll explore the courses we offer teachers and students, and what makes our content so special. First, our courses. You can view all our courses by clicking the dropdown menu in the top left corner of the Khan Academy website. We have full courses with learning and practice content. Our Math courses are arranged by subject, from Early Math to Linear Algebra, and by grade, from preschool through the end of high school, including the Integrated Math pathway for high school courses. We also have specific curriculum-aligned courses. You can use our personalized practice, alongside the Eureka Math/EngageNY curriculum, for grades three to eight, and the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum for grades six to eight. Beyond Math, we also have full courses with learning and practice in Science, Social Studies, and the Humanities. And we're always working to add additional content. That's just the start. We have interactive computer programming content, computer animation lessons made with Pixar, and a whole section of career videos you can use with students. We also have test prep content, including free official SAT practice created in partnership with College Board, the makers of the SAT. How are courses structured? From your teacher dashboard, click on any class. On the left navigation bar, click on Assignments, and in the dropdown menu you can click Assign. From there, you will see Assign Content, where you can see the scope and sequence of the course you've selected. Most of our courses are divided into units, and within every unit are multiple lessons. Lessons include instructional and practice resources, such as videos, articles, and exercises. In many courses, quizzes combine practice from several preceding lessons. Units end with a test that checks understanding of the entire unit. What makes our content special? First, our content is trustworthy. All of our content is made by a team of former teachers and subject matter experts. We also partner with leading educational organizations to make sure our content is up to date and fully aligned to standards. Second, our content is interactive. We have questions that ask students to read and interpret maps, images, and text passages. We also have interactive charts and graphs to teach students to read and interpret data with a variety of different question types. Consider exploring our content to sample the variety of practice questions we offer. Third, our content gives instant feedback. After answering any question, students will learn if they are correct, almost correct, or incorrect. Students who are stuck on a problem are provided with support, such as related videos and articles, hints with solution strategies, and rationales that explain why a particular answer is correct or incorrect. Lastly, our content is accessible, student-friendly, and encourages a growth mindset by letting students know they can learn anything. We want students to feel like they're receiving personal tutoring. We model the thinking we hope students will use as they ask questions and solve problems themselves. For more information about Khan Academy, go to khanacademy.org/resources.