The history of the world (eventually)!
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1900 - present: The recent past

You cannot properly understand current world events without understanding the history of the 20th Century. This topic takes us on a journey from the end of Imperialism through two world wars and the Cold War and brings us to our modern world.

1700-1900: Enlightenment and Revolution

Do we need kings? Can people govern themselves? What rights do we all have? Can science and understanding uplift all of humanity? This topic lays the foundation for our modern thinking about the world. From democratic revolutions to the establishment of empires backed by industrial power.

1500-1600: Renaissance and Reformation

A tutorial about the Protestant Reformation

Before 1300: Ancient and Medieval history

Surveys of history

The tutorials in this topic will take you on sweeping journeys through time so that you can get the really BIG picture for how things fit together.

American civics

Crash Course: World History

John Green teaches you the history of the world in 42 episodes of Crash Course. Learn, study and understand all the important civilizations, empires, wars, and revolutions the world has seen so far.

1500-1600: Renaissance and Reformation

A tutorial about the Protestant Reformation
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The Protestant Reformation

In 1517 a German theologian and monk, Martin Luther, challenged the authority of the Pope and sparked the Protestant Reformation. His ideas spread quickly, thanks in part to the printing press. By challenging the power of the Church, and asserting the authority of individual conscience (it was increasingly possible for people to read the bible in the language that they spoke), the Reformation laid the foundation for the value that modern culture places on the individual.