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Activity 1: Lines

Part A: How is line used to convey meaning and emotion within the frame below? Can you identify the primary direction of lines that direct your eyes to different parts of the frame?
A scene from the Pixar film "Up" with four characters on a cliff: a bird, a boy, a dog, and an old man.
Part B: On a blank sheet of paper write down two different feelings that you’ve had recently (one at the bottom left, and the other at the bottom right). Visually represent the feeling on the left as a line traveling across the paper to the right. Then transform the line as it starts to take on characteristics of the feeling on the right. For example:
An illustration of a line that starts off thin and wiggly on the left and then gets thicker and straighter as it moves to the right. The left is labeled "Afraid" and the right is labeled "Confident".
Part C: Create a character with just one line and give it a name and short description. Try creating additional characters using multiple lines.
An illustration of three lines: a loopy blue line, a straight thick yellow line, and a pink arc.

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