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hey awesome alias what you doing I working on this character lesson no Leslie I'm struggling a bit how do you make an audience care about a character that's a really hard one you ever heard of the elevator test no it's that so when you're struggling with your character and you're trying to figure out who they really are it helps a lot to put them in an elevator well Matt okay it's okay please how about you sir another elevator dings oh okay yeah so when you're trying to figure out your characters it helps to trap them there too an elevator and see how they react in a - hey are you out there try this one okay good like okay what's next okay we're late for meetings um someone knows that we're done Freeman trapdoor somewhere readout not working okay please are you okay Oh [Music] hello have you completed the exercise uh yeah sighs elevator this is elevator did my exercise hope you think about your characters and how they might behave when they are in difficult situations you've got to be kidding me what about hair well hey Tommy I think I actually won I got game playing to what people actually do an aggressive how are you oh well I clearly the exercise worked and you discovered something different about each character and as a bonus you've discovered that entertaining characters are often deeply flawed don't worry those flaws can also be the key to wide audiences care about them your characters will be the people rats fish cars or robots now we follow through the whole story the lessons they learned the challenges they face and the feelings they feel will be shared by the audience and when you are struggling to create a character that the audience cares about there are many other exercises you can try write on elevator that's what this lesson is all about playing with character as remember I'm always here to help you take your storytelling to the next level by elevator by elevator I sure hope my next passengers is a tiger character