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Exercise 9: Scale model

Create a simple scale model of your attraction

Exercise 9: Scale model

Activity: Create a scale model of your attraction which can fit on a small table. Try to aim for a 50:1 scale, that means 1 meter in real life is represented as 2 cm (about 1 inch) in the model. Remember your goal isn’t to make a beautiful model but to demonstrate how the elements of your attraction will be arranged in 3D space.
  • Use simple materials you can find at home (cardboard, styrofoam, paper)
  • Start broad and layout everything first in 2D, then build things up in 3D
  • Add the little details after you have a rough 3D shape for your model
  • One way to identify scene locations is with small pieces of paper with drawings on them.
  • Once you finish your model you can try doing a ride preview using a small camera (such as a phone)

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