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Exercise 10: Mood board

Assemble all your reference materials to demonstrate your vision.

Exercise 10: Mood board

Here is an example of a mood board used during the development of Pandora: The World of Avatar. In this mood board notice how it captures the look and feel of the buildings, materials and plantlife in the land using sketches & images. It also contains colors which will be used throughout the land.
Activity 1: Create a mood board for your land by assembling all the references you’ve collected thus far (materials, buildings, colors...etc). Feel free to add additional images that help you visualize and feel the mood of your land. There are no “rules” to follow except the more references you can find the better. You can do this physically or virtually.
Activity 2: Present this mood board to a friend (or group) and tell them a few brief things about your land (such as the name, time period, the story, and theme). Ask them what other things come to mind when looking at your mood board. Then go back and make changes to your mood board until you are happy with the result.

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