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Exercise 1: Your own land

Start thinking about a land of your own design.

Exercise 1: Your own land

Tips for this lesson
We suggest you use a notebook to hold your work throughout the activities in this lesson and write your answers in the form that feels most natural to you, whether using words, visuals or both.
Let’s begin!
Imagine you are asked to design and build a land of your own. You could create a place you’ve dreamed of visiting (like a distant planet), a fictional place you imagined (like a cartoon land) or a story you want to bring to life (could be from your favorite movie or book).
Question 1: What kind of land will you create?
  • You can come up with many ideas and pick your favorite later.
  • What is the name of the land?
Question 2: What is a story that takes place in this world?
  • What do you imagine happening in this world?
  • How do you want this world to make people feel?

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  • aqualine seed style avatar for user Blake Ferrer
    1.1: A land of different ancient pantheons(Greek, Celtic, Japanese...)
    1.2: Working on it, possibly Polythestic Reach?

    2.1: I want people to learn more about the different ancient pantheons, so I'd have different sections dedicated to more obscure pantheons such as Aztec and Chinese. I'd still want areas for Greek and Egyptian ones, though.

    2.2: I want people to feel excited to learn without realizing that they are learning. I'd name a river ride "Chalchiuhtlicue" otherwise known as "Jade Skirt" for the Aztec river goddess.

    Any criticisms?
    (133 votes)
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    • starky ultimate style avatar for user lucassmithca
      I think it might be a cool idea to have different stories incorporated into the separate sections of the land. So, you could have the Trials of Hercules near the Greek Pantheon. You could also have people in costumes as the separate gods going around giving background to what culture they're from. It might be a good idea to not only use robotics and animation to progress the story, but too actually use theater and actors to really convey different points of view. You could do some Irish and Celtic places too, such as historic battlefields and castles. The Cooley Cattle Raid, with the Hound of Ulther, is a great Irish legend to play out in this kind of a land.
      (15 votes)
  • ohnoes default style avatar for user James Braun
    What would space land look like?
    (38 votes)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user
    • area 52 blue style avatar for user Christopher Hankland
      You could totally do some sort of space tourism thing. Like have simulaters and roller coasters exploring real places in space, like our solar system, exoplanets in the milky way or andromeda galaxies, nebulae, or other astronomical phenomena. Then to make it interesting you could add fictional elements such as aliens attacking tourist vessels, running out of fuel, getting lost, etc.
      (18 votes)
  • blobby green style avatar for user snowfasas
    here's my story line: Years ago in the ice age something went wrong in time, the earth never heated up. explore the artic range of today.
    you'll walk in through a woolly mammoth's mouth and into this ice village. you'll be able to go hunt and explore. also roller coaster up a mountain. theme survival.
    (37 votes)
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  • male robot johnny style avatar for user Akhil
    1.1 I will make a land based on Mount Olympus.
    1.2 I would try to educate the visitors about the main event that happened in Greek history while they are having fun on rides or doing activities.
    1.3 The name of the land will obviously be Mount Olympus.
    2.1 The land will have a story of the important events in Greek history including the epics done by heroes like Hercules and Peruses.
    2.2 I want to expand people's knowledge about Greek history as it is interesting but not known by a lot of people. It should make the visitor immersed in the experience and have a role in the story as a character.

    Feel free to show your thoughts on my idea in the comments!
    (17 votes)
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  • duskpin sapling style avatar for user hallie tenhet
    Question 2: What is a story that would take place in this world? I think that a bunch of creative people would jump into books and have adventures and (idk why) fight aliens
    (14 votes)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user
  • duskpin seed style avatar for user Zwall, Courtney
    My land would be called land of the after life and it would be what the "afterlife" would look like. Since I am fascinated by ancient Greek and Egyptian history I would use either one of those to incorporate the legends and myths. For example Hades and the Underworld, ferryman on the river Styx, and more.
    (15 votes)
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  • piceratops seedling style avatar for user Edgar Pérez
    1.1 A land/ride based on Disney Villains
    1.2 Salem Town (I need to come up with a better name. Any suggestion?)

    2.1 Continuing the end of the Hocus Pocus movie, the Sanderson sisters are back and some Disney Villains have taken Salem, Massachusetts over during All Hallow’s Eve to help them find more children to suck their souls and continue living.

    In this world, Guests will be trick-or-treating in the streets of Salem.

    The entrance will be through the Sanderson’s cottage that has now been converted into a museum, where Guests are welcomed by a black cat (Thackery Binx) and will get to know Max and the story of how he defeated the witches.If you pay attention, you can see and hear Emily’s spirit walking along the house.

    At Yzma’s Potion Lab kids will be able to create their own candies while Madam Mim’s Wardrobe is the perfect place to get a costume for the night.

    The House of Villains will be the best place to enjoy food, drinks and a spooktacular musical experience hosted by Winnie, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson accompanied by their fellow Villains and a great band of musicians.

    Some of the beloved Disney Characters will be treating for the kids while Billy Butcherson (Winifred's ex-boyfriend) and other Disney Villains will be around looking for kids on the streets of Salem Town.

    (Note to myself: After going through Lesson 3 about the Layout of a Land, I think I overthought this point haha)

    2.2 Guests will feel the joy of going trick-or-treating spiced up by an adrenaline rush caused by the evil out there.

    I'd love to hear your feedback! :D
    (13 votes)
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  • piceratops tree style avatar for user Jean
    Question 1: What kind of land will you create? I would create a land based on the Reckoners trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. It is called Calamity. The basic theme for all three books is that David Charleston, along with his partners in crime, murder Epics (evil superpowered people). The Epics have any kind of powers in the books and in my land. Explosions, invisibility, matter creation, matter destruction, fusion, transforming, walking through walls, electromanipulation. Everything. These Ghost Re-Con-like people destroy the realm of Epics before the heinous superpowered bring humanity to the brink of extinction. Calamity has been burned, stripped, empowered, brought back to flourish. The land varies so much because of the Epics' abilities. There are 4d movies, rides and engaging land unlike any other. Epic realms are marked; humans work as slaves.
    (8 votes)
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  • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user Cayenne Stephens
    My land is on the theme of Garfield and has a chill feel with all the Italian food a person could eat. The park contains parmesan mountains with marinara cascading down the sides and lasagna roller coasters. You can hang out with Odie and Garfield for sarcasm, laughs, and all the fun a person can handle. I am having trouble creating a name though. Any suggestions on how to improve this?
    (8 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Cam Hackett
    my land is called wish because you wish on the plant palace which is the main attraction it is a huge tree house and it has secrets hidden inside from a long time ago it is sort of like the ancient mayans they are very complex and secretive there government is more like ours but adapted for less people they use peaceful ways to win battles but they are not perfect
    (7 votes)
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