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hey Paige what's up Damon is this right okay so I'm about to go to the grocery store and it looks like it says I need to get squid pickles and chocolate at the grocery store yeah did you want squid pickles no I I wanted squid and pickles I must have written it down wrong okay so I think the what we need to do in order to fix this list and avoid confusion like this in the future is is using commas to punctuate a list because right now this just looks like like squid pickles which I mean probably delicious pickled squid yeah robably delicious um but not what we were looking to get today right so okay so if we do if we don't want to get pickled squid today then we have to put commas in between the elements of the list right because this is what commas do the separate elements of everything so let's put in those dividers I need to get squid comma pickles comma and chocolate at the grocery store exactly okay so we can punctuate a list by separating out nouns and I see from this second sentence here Paige did you give me a read for that I'm gonna go for a run read a chapter of my book and go see the new Colonel Justice movie oh here that's good so right now it says that but it could also just be I'm going to go for a run read a chapter of my book and go see that you know like there's no it's a little confusing it's a little confusing like there could be such a thing as a run read it probably is you know like where you go for a jog while holding a book sounds difficult so we can also use commas in lists to separate not just nouns like in this first one but also verb phrases so I'm going to go for a run comma read a chapter of my book comma and go see the new kernel justice moving perfect cool so that's how you punctuate a list with commas yeah you got it you can learn anything Dave it out page out