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Global modernisms in the 21st century

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Oh I was seventh grade 12 13 years old it was 630 in the morning certainly i just stumbled across these three hanging bodies in the middle of this square very close to my father's shop where i used to go every day they were topless but there was this big white piece of paper and it described on this paper why they were committed the eyes were open and that's how i just had this one second how do you say we just I saw them and and this image it's it never gone away from my memory my father used to be a freelance photographer wedding and portrait he got this idea of opening the first color lab for developing and printing films in Syria and in this shop I grew up and this was my university let's say these places are public execution squares discontinued from the Ottomans and until this recent days of course these photos were taken in three cities in Syria that was in 2008 Damascus Aleppo and Latakia they were all taken when the Sun was rising that's why all these squares are empty usually these are the main public squares in the city I try to include the surrounding of the square because people used to stand everywhere from every angle they used to see the Hangul bodies this was the purpose of the squares I thought photography could help me with erasing this and just to confirm that these bodies don't exist anymore but it didn't work out I keep seeing this these bodies there of course this thing is not only for me it's for everybody in in Syria we also this kind of executions Oh