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Sue Williamson, For Thirty Years Next to His Heart

Video by The Museum of Modern Art

Sue Williamson, For Thirty Years Next to His Heart, 1990, Forty-nine photocopies in artist-designed frames, overall (approx.): 72 x 103″ (182.9 x 261.6 cm) (The Museum of Modern Art)

Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi, the Steven and Lisa Tananbaum Curator of Painting and Sculpture, looks at Sue Williamson’s “For Thirty Years Next to His Heart,” in which the 30-year life of one man’s official government passbook “captures the experience of Black South Africans under apartheid”—and serves as a reminder that we must not forget the most difficult chapters of our history.
Created by Smarthistory.

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