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ACTIVITY: What Do You Know? What Do You Ask?


This activity asks you to decide what kinds of questions scholars from different disciplines might ask about an object or a significant event. The goal is to help you solidify your understanding of the different disciplines, but more important, to get you thinking in an interdisciplinary fashion.


Your job is to assemble the best research team possible to most deeply understand why Stonehenge exists. (If you are not familiar with Stonehenge, in Great Britain, open a new browser window and do a quick search to learn more about it.) Use the disciplines chart if you need some help determining which disciplines to use.
"Stonehenge2007 07 30" by garethwiscombe. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
1. Come up with the single discipline that you think would be best suited to understand why Stonehenge exists.
2. Explain what someone from this discipline would know or want to ask about Stonehenge.
3. Why is your discipline the best for the job?

For Further Discussion

Post your answers from above in the Questions Area below. After posting your own answers, read the others posts and pick a discipline that someone else chose that you think would make your team even stronger. Why would putting these two disciplines together be better than just having one? Comment on someone else’s post and share why you think your two disciplines should join forces.

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