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ACTIVITY: Hunter Gatherer Menu


Through this exercise, you’ll understand what our foraging ancestors’ diet was like, and how different it is from our diet today.
"Hadazbe returning from hunt" by Andreas Lederer - originally posted to Flickr as Returning from hunt. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Your job is to come up with one dish for a restaurant that serves only food that a hunter-gatherer would be able to put together.
Open a new browser window and do some research on hunting and foraging diets. Then, create a menu item that a typical forager might have hunted and gathered in a location that you specify. You must include the following information as part of your menu item:
  • The tools that were used to forage or hunt the food item or items.
  • The location where the ingredients are found.
  • How long it would take to gather enough of these foods to feed 25 people.
  • The time of year you could serve this menu item.

For Further Discussion

In the Questions Area below, share the menu item that you came up with. Also share one other piece of information that you came up with for your menu item. Then, look at someone else’s menu item and comment on how similar or different it is from yours. Would you put these two dishes on the same menu?

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