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ACTIVITY: Claim Testing – Collective Learning


You should be familiar with this activity from previous lessons. Continuing to practice your claim-testing skills is really important in this and other courses.
Cave paintings of cattle at Tassili N’Ajjer, Algeria© Kazuyoshi Nomachi/Corbis


In this claim-testing exercise, you’re going to make determinations about whether or not these claims about collective learning are true or false:
  • An example of collective learning can be seen when a lioness teaches her cubs to hunt.
  • Humans are the only species with the ability to learn collectively.
  • Collective learning should not be defined as the sixth threshold of increasing complexity.
Do you agree or disagree with these claims? Why?

For Further Discussion

Pick one claim and decide if you think it’s true or false. Then, in the Questions Area below, explain why you think that claim is true or false (don’t forget to provide the original claim). After that, comment on someone else’s claim and provide evidence that either supports or refutes that person’s assertion.

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