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Art history basics   

  • First things first (you are here)     
  • The materials and techniques artists use
  • Art 1010

Prehistoric art

  •      Paleolithic art
  •      Neolithic art

Ancient art and civilizations

  •      Ancient Near East
  •      Egyptian art and culture
  •      Aegean
  •      Greek
  •      Nabatean
  •      Etruscan
  •      Roman
  •     Judaism in art
  •      Asia

Medieval Europe

  •      A beginner's guide
  •      Early Christian
  •      Byzantine (late Roman Empire)
  •      Latin (Western) Europe

Renaissance and Reformation

  •      Early Renaissance in Italy
  •      Northern Renaissance
  •      High Renaissance in Florence and Rome
  •      The Renaissance in Venice
  •      Mannerism
  •      The Protestant Reformation

Monarchy and Enlightenment

  • Baroque
  • Rococo
  • Neoclassicism
  • Britain and America in the Age of Revolution
  • Latin America/New Spain

Becoming modern

  • Introduction
  • Romanticism
  • Early photography
  • Victorian art and architecture
  • The birth of the avant-garde in France
  • Symbolism and Art Nouveau
  • America: Civil War to the Gilded Age
  • Painting in Mexico

Age of global conflict

  • A beginner's guide to 20th century art
  • Early abstraction: Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism and Futurism
  • World War I and Dada
  • Art between the wars: the avant-garde and the rise of totalitarianism
  • Figuration and abstraction in post-war Britain
  • Abstract Expressionism and the New York School
  • Architecture
  • Pop
  • ​Minimalism and Earthworks

Toward a global culture

  • Identity, the body and the subversion of modernism
  • Conceptual and Performance art
  • Global modernisms in the 21st Century

Arts of the Islamic world

  • A beginner's guide to the arts of the Islamic world
  • Early period
  • Medieval period
  • Late period

South and East Asia

  • Imperial China
  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Korea and Japan

Africa, Oceania and the indigenous Americas

  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • Mesoamerica and Central America
  • Native North America