Working jade

VIDEO 3:49 minutes
This video explores the significance and working of jade in China. Learn more about jade on the Asian Art Museum's education website.

Quarrying and carving marble

VIDEO 8:58 minutes
Quarrying and Carving Marble Speakers: Dr. Beth Harris, Dr. David Drogin

Carving marble with traditional tools

VIDEO 2:48 minutes
Watch a sculptor demonstrate the use of traditional tools—such as the tooth chisel, the point chisel, the drill, and the rasp—as he creates a finished figure from a block of marble. Love art? Follow us on Google+

Adriaen de Vries's bronze casting technique: direct lost-wax method

VIDEO 8:38 minutes
Adriaen de Vries, a 17th century Dutch sculptor, often used "direct lost-wax casting." Because the wax is "lost," each bronze cast is unique. If the casting fails, the sculptor begins again. Love art? Follow us on Google+