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Symbolism in Balinese dance costumes

This video features Balinese dancer, Kompiang Metri Davies, discussing the symbolism of Balinese dance costumes. Created by Asian Art Museum.

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    At , , and what are the actual names in words? I would just like to know what they are called. Also, the gold bracelets are used in Balinese theatre as a symbolic device to control the user from any vice? The lady speaker mentioned stealing, and was very interested!
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Video transcript

this is part of leg on outfit this is simple it symbolized night it is the warrior step and also portray the person who has position like a high position Galang kana symbolize of control what you do control your hand movement you know no stealing that canister this is ample ample which is belt belt symbolize usually a dance costume based on our temple attire this is just ample ample is belt and represent or symbolize restrain your emotion