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What Art tells us about Gender

Art reveals gender roles and societal norms. The video explores how art from different eras and cultures portrays gender, showing how societal views have evolved. It emphasizes the importance of questioning and analyzing art to understand gender representation.

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    but hold on wait a minute... what is a woman?
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      'woman' is a common label used in numerous cultures around the world, past and present, to describe those with some (but not necessarily all) traits associated with that label's meaning. due to syncretism there are many traits of 'womanhood' common across cultures, such as a concept of femininity, or sex-based assignment, or subservience to an opposite 'male' caste. But historically the single common trait that ALL women have is self-assignment to the label of 'woman'.

      I know this is a wordy answer but that's because it's hard to describe things like social labels without resorting to absolutes. While the tl;dr is "a woman is a person who sincerely uses the label of woman", that doesn't do well to explain the follow up question... "why do we even have the label anyways ?"

      the answer is the same as any social label. It's used to categorize people, for better and for worse. That's all it is.

      An abstract label given concrete characteristics across different cultural contexts.
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